Stenborg, Carl

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Stenborg, Carl

Stenborg, Carl, Swedish tenor, impresario, and composer; b. Stockholm, Sept. 25, 1752; d. Djurgarden, Aug. 1, 1813. His father, Petter Stenborg, was a theater manager. He began appearing in concerts in Stockholm when he was 14; studied vocal and instrumental music with F. Zellbel, the court Kapellmeister. He appeared as Peleus in F. Uttini’s Thetis odi Pelée for the opening of the Royal Swedish Opera in 1773; was made a court singer and a member of the Academy of Music in 1782; also was active as a conductor and composer at his father’s theater, which he managed from 1780 until it was closed in 1799. After leaving the court in 1806, he ran his own theater. His major work was the Singspiel Gustaf Ericsson i Dalarna (1784); also wrote incidental music to the dramas Caspar och Dorothea (1775) and Konung Gustaft Adolfs jagt (1777).


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire