Štedron, Miloš

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Štědroň, Miloš

Štědroň, Miloš, significant Czech composer and musicologist, nephew of Bohumíir Štědroň and Vladimir Štědroň; b. Brno, Feb. 9, 1942. He studied musicology with Racel, Vysloužil, and his uncle Bohumír at the Univ. of Brno (Ph.D., 1967); also studied composition at the Janáček Academy of Music in Brno (1965–70). After working in the music dept. of Brno’s Moravian Museum (1963–72), he taught theory at the Univ. of Brno (from 1972). Among his books is a monograph on Monteverdi (Prague, 1985) and a study on Josef Berg (Brno, 1992). He contributed important articles to various journals, many of which dealwith the music of Janáček. His own works range from traditional scores to pieces utilizing jazz and pop elements or tape.


Dramatic: Opera: Aparát (The Apparatus), chamber opera after Kafka’s In the Penal Colony (1967); Kychýnské starosti (1977); Josef Fouché- Chameleon (1984). Ballet : Justina (1969); Ballet macabre (1986). Orch .: Moto balladico (1968); Quiet Platform (1969); Concerto for Double Bass and Strings (1971); To the Memory of Gershwin for Piano and Jazz Orch. (1971); Diagram for Piano and Jazz Orch. (1971); Music for Ballet for Chamber Orch. (1972); Kolo (Wheel), sym. in memory of Yugoslav partisans of World War II (1971–72); Cello Concerto (1975); Sette Villanelle for Cello and Strings (1981); Musica concertante for Bassoon and Strings (1986); Lammento for Viola and Orch. (1987). CHAMBER : Via crucis for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Harpsichord, and Percussion (1964); Dyptich for Bass Clarinet, Piano, Strings, and Percussion (1967); Lai for Bass Clarinet and Timpani (1967); Utis II for Bass Clarinet and Tape (1967); Util II for Bass Clarinet, Piano, and Tape (1968); O, Sancta Caecilia for Double Bass and Tape (1968); Musica ficta for Wind Quintet (1968); Duplum for Bass Clarinet and Double Bass (1968); Free Landino Jazz for Bass Clarinet and Piano (1968); Affeti graziosi for Violin and Piano (1969); Saluti musicali for Bass Clarinet and Piano (1969); 4 Together (Everyman for Himself) for Bass Clarinet, Piano, and Jazz Combo (1969); String Quartet (1970); Seikilos z Moravy (Seikilos from Moravia) for Bass Clarinet and Piano (1978; in collaboration with A. Parsch); Old and New Renaissance Poems for Bass Clarinet, Piano, Strings, and Drums (1980); Trium vocum for Flute, Cello, and Drums (1984); Danze, Canti e lamenti for String Quartet (1986); solo pieces; piano works. VOCAL : Agrafon for Madrigal Chorus, Renaissamce Instruments, and Jazz Ensemble (1968); Mourning Ceremony, cantata for Chorus, Trumpet, Oboe, and Church Bell (Czech Radio, Feb. 21, 1969); Vocal Sym. for Soprano, Bass-baritone, and Orch. (1969); Verba, cantata for Chorus and 2 Trumpets (1969); Jazz trium vocum, free jazz for Chorus and Jazz Ensemble (1972); Dolorosa gioia, madrigal-cantata (1975); Attendate, populi, cantata for Chorus and Drums (1982); Conversations, Tunes, Desires for Tenor, Lute, and Viola da Gamba (1986); Ommaggio a Gesualdo: Death of Dobrovský, cantata-oratorio for 2 Solo Voices, Chorus, and Orch. (1988).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire