Siklós (real name, Schönwald), Albert

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Siklós (real name, Schönwald), Albert

Siklós (real name, Schönwald), Albert, Hungarian cellist, musicologist, pedagogue, and composer; b. Budapest, June 26, 1878; d. there, April 3, 1942. He changed his name to Siklós in 1910. He studied law, and later took courses with Koessler at the Budapest Academy of Music, graduating in 1901; he taught at the Academy from 1910, and gradually became one of its most respected teachers. He was a prolific composer, but few of his works were publ., and there were virtually no performances outside Hungary. He publ, a number of instructive books as well as a music dictiongary (1923).


DRAMATIC: Opera: Knight Fulkó (1896); The House of Moons (1926; Budapest, Dec. 21, 1927). Ballet: The Mirror (Budapest, March 28, 1923). ORCH.: 2 cello concertos (1895, 1902); 3 sym. (1896; Anlauf, 1896; 1901); Symphonie aetherique for 12 Double Basses (1899); Violin Concerto (1899); overtures; suites. OTHER: Chamber music; vocal works; piano pieces; organ music.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire