Sakac, Branimir

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Sakač, Branimir

Sakač, Branimir , Croatian composer and teacher; b. Zagreb, June 5, 1918; d. there, Dec. 29, 1979. He received training at the Zagreb Academy of Music (graduated, 1941), and later taught there. He adopted a purely structural method of composition, using highly dissonant contrapuntal combinations within strict neoclassical forms.


DRAMATIC : Songelu for Light Projections, Actor, and Ensemble (1972);. ORCH.: Serenade for String Orch. (1947); Simfonija o mrtvom vojniku (Sym. of the Dead Soldiers; 1951); Chamber Sym. (1953); Episode for Orch. and Tape (1963); Prostori (Spaces) for Orch. and Tape (1965); Syndrome for Chamber Orch. (1966); Solo I for Violin and Chamber Orch. (1968); Turm-Musik (Tower Music; 1970). CHAMBER: Sonata for Solo Violin (1953); Study I for Piano and Percussion (1963); Structure I for Chamber Ensemble (1965); Doppio for String Quartet (1968); Attitudes for Cello and Piano (1969–70); Scena for Chamber Ensemble (1971); A Play for Str ing (1973). VOCAL: Omaggio—Canto della Commedia for 7 Soloists, Chorus, Violin, and Percussion (1969); Bellatrix-Alleluia, cycle of 5 pieces; Bellatrix-Alleluia for Voices and Ensemble, Sial for Chamber Ensemble and Folk Instruments, Umbrana for 12 Voices, Synthana for Tape, and Matrix- Symphony for 3 Voices and Orch. (1970–73); Barasou (Ballad of Rats and Mice) for Voice and Chamber Ensemble (1971). Piano: Aleatory Prélude for Piano and Tape (1961); Study II (1964); Ad litteram (1970); Ariel (1979).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire