Pfeiffer, (Johann) Michael Traugott

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Pfeiffer, (Johann) Michael Traugott

Pfeiffer, (Johann) Michael Traugott, German-Swiss pedagogue; b. Wilfershausen, Bavaria, Nov. 5, 1771; d. Wettingen, Switzerland, May 20, 1849. He settled in Switzerland in 1792. After training in languages and philosophy in Solothurn, he served in the Aargau cantonal government. He then became the first to apply Pestalozzian methods to the teaching of music in a school setting, opening his own private school in Solothurn in 1804 and in Lenzburg in 1805. He publ. Die Pestalozzische Gesangbildungslehre nach Pfeiffers Erdindung (1809), Gesangbildungslehre nach Pestalozzischen Gründsatzen paedgogisch begründet, von Michael Traugott Pfeiffer, methodisch bearbeitet von Hans Georg Nägeli (1810), and Auszug der Gesangbildungslehre...(1812). With Nägeli, he publ. Gesangbildungslehr für den Mannerchor (1817) and Chorgesangschule (1821).


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—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire