Penherski, Zbigniew

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Penherski, Zbigniew

Penherski, Zbigniew, Polish composer; b. Warsaw, Jan. 26, 1935. He received training in composition from Stefan Poradowski at the State Higher School of Music in Poznari (1955–59) and conducting with Bohdan Wodiczko (1960–63) at the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw. In 1969 he received a Dutch government scholarship. He received the Silver Cross of Merit from the Polish government in 1975, and in 1982 the Minister of Culture and Arts Award, 1st Class.


dramatic: Sad nad Samsonem (Samson Put on Trial), radio opera (1967; Warsaw, Sept. 23, 1969); Zmierzch Peryna (Peryn’s Twilight), opera (1972; Poznań, Oct. 6, 1974); Edgar, syn Walpora (Edgar, Son of Walpor), opera (1982); Wysparóz (The Island of Roses), chamber opera (1989). orch: Kroniki mazurski II (Mazurian Chronicles II) for Orch. and Tape (1973; Warsaw, Sept. 27, 1985); Anamnesis (1975; Kraków, May 19,1978); Kroniki szkockie (Scottish Chronicles; Glasgow, May 29, 1987); Intermezzo for Chamber Orch. (1990); Sygnaly I (Signals; Warsaw, Sept. 8,1992) and II (Warsaw, Sept. 20,1995); X-Play for 30 Flutes (1999). chamber: Suite for Oboe and Piano (1963); Muzyka uliczna (Street Music) for Chamber Ensemble (1966); Quartet for Piano or Other Keyboard Instrument and 3 Optional Instruments (1970); Incantationi I for 6 Percussionists (1972; Berlin, Feb. 18, 1973); Symfonia radiowa (Radio Symphony) for 2 Players (1974); String Play for Strings and 3 Metronomes (Ludźmierz, March 2, 1980); Jeux parties for Saxophone and Percussion (Warsaw, Sept. 24, 1984); Scherzino for 4 Violins (1985); Introjukcja (Introduction) for Clarinet, Trombone, and Cello (Warsaw, Sept. 17, 1994); Toccata for Clarinet, Trombone, Cello, and Piano (1998); Scherzino for Street Bells, Flute, Clarinet, 3 Trumpets, and 2 Percussion (1988); Liryczny wale (Lyric Waltz) for Street Bells, Flute, 3 Trumpets, and 2 Percussion (1998); Muzycka na koniec wieku (Little Music for the End of the Century) for Recorder, 2 Percussion, Organ, and Tape (Warsaw, Sept. 24,1999). Piano: 4 Preludes (1956); Kolorowe etiudy (Studies in Color; 1961); Trzy latwe utwory (Three Easy Pieces; 1997). vocal: 2 Lullabies for Mezzo-soprano and Piano (1955); 3 Songs for Soprano and Piano (1955); Obrazki chóralne (Choral Pictures) for Chorus (1960); Ostinata for Chorus and Orch. (1960); Trzy pieśni cygański (Three Gypsy Songs) for Women’s Chorus (1961); Trzy pieśni do tekstów staropolskich (Three Songs to Old Polish Texts) for Chorus (1961); pieśnidzieciece (Children’s Songs) for Soprano, Reciter, and Instrumental Ensemble (1962); Kontrasty (Contrasts) for Vocal Ensemble, Instruments, and String Orch. (1962; Lublin, March 5, 1965); Musica humana for Baritone, Chorus, and Orch. (1963; Warsaw, Jan. 20, 1967); Missa abstracta for Tenor, Reciter, Chorus, and Orch. (Kragujevac, Oct. 21, 1966); Trzy recytatywy (Three Recitatives) for Soprano, Piano, and Percussion (1968); Cantatina for Chorus and Orch. (1969); Hymnus laudans for Chorus and Chamber Orch. (1970; Wroclaw, Feb. 24,1972); Trzy impresje (Three Impressions) for Soprano, Piano, and 4 Percussionists (1985); Cantus for Chorus (1992). tape: 3M- HI (1969; Warsaw, Sept. 21, 1970).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire