Noces, Les

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Noces, Les (Russ. Svadebka; Eng. ‘The Wedding’). ‘Choreographic scenes with song and music’ by Stravinsky (words adapted by composer from popular sources) for mixed ch., 4 soloists, 4 pf., and 17 perc. instr., in 4 scenes: The Blessing of the Bride, The Blessing of the Bridegroom, The Bride's Departure from her Parents' Home, and The Wedding Feast. 1st version 1917 unfinished (scored for full wind, str. octet, with cimbalom, hps., perc., and harmonium. Completed 1971 by R. Craft and C. Matthews). 2nd version 1919, for perc., harmonium, cimbalom, and pianola. Prod. Paris 1923, choreog. Nijinskaya, cond. Ansermet. Later choreog. Béjart.