Morthenson, Jan W(ilhelm)

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Morthenson, Jan W(ilhelm)

Morthenson, Jan W(ilhelm) , Swedish composer; b. Örnsköldsvik, April 7, 1940. He studied composition with Mangs, Lidholm, and Metzger in Stockholm and aesthetics at the Univ. of Uppsala. He received instruction in electronic techniques from Koenig in Cologne and attended the new music courses in Darmstadt. He devised a “non- figurative” method in which “individual changes in sound are imperceptible,” and pubi, a treatise on the subject (Copenhagen, 1966).


Coloratura I for Strings and Tape (1960), II for Orch. (1962), III for Chamber Orch. (1962–63), and IV for Orch. (1963); 3 Wechselspiel: I for Cello (I960), II for Flute and 3 Loudspeakers (1961), and III for Piano and Percussion (1961); Canzona for 6 Choral Groups, Percussion, and Loudspeakers (1961); Chains-Mirrors, electroacoustic work for Soprano (1961); Some of these..., graphic music for Organ (1961); Courante I, II, and III, graphic music for Piano (1962); Pour Madame Bovary for Organ (1962); 3 Antiphonia: I for Orch. (1963), II for Chamber Orch. (1963), and III for Chamber Orch. (1970); Eternes for Organ (1964); Decadenza I for Organ and Tape (1968) and 77 for Orch. with Tape and Film (1970; Uppsala, Jan. 18, 1972); Colossus for Orch. (1970; Berlin, Nov. 26, 1972); Farewell for Organ (1970); Senza for Strings (1970); Labor for Chamber Orch. (1971); Life for Tenor, Orch., and Instrumental Group (1972); Video I for 8 Solo Strings (1972); Alla marcia for Women’s Chorus, Orch., Tape, and 8 Stroboscopes (1972–73; Stockholm, March 31,1974); 5 Pieces for Orch. (1973); Soli for Wind Quintet (1974); Morendo for Chorus, Orch., and Tape (Swedish Radio, Oct. 21, 1977); Musica nera for 9 Instruments, Tape, and Projection (1979); Organ Concerto (1981; Stockholm, Feb. 9, 1982); Trauma, radio opera (Swedish Radio, Aug. 30, 1981); Energia I for Symphonic Band (1984); 1984 for Orch. and Electronics (Swedish Radio, Sept. 21, 1984); Materia for Soprano, Chorus, Synthesizer, and Organ (1985); Paraphonia for Orch. (Stockholm, March 29, 1987); Once for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano (1988); Silence XX for Laser and Tape (1988); Contra for Chamber Orch. (1990); Interior Drums for 6 Percussionists (1997); Estonia for String Orch. (1997); Sonora, concerto for Guitar and String Orch. (1999); computer and electronic pieces.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis Mclntire