Miyagi (real name, Wakabe), Michio

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Miyagi (real name, Wakabe), Michio

Miyagi (real name, Wakabe), Michio, Japanese koto player, teacher, and composer; b. Kobe, April 7, 1894; d. in a railroad accident in Kariya, near Tokyo, June 25, 1956. He was given the surname of Suga in infancy; became blind at age 7; studied the koto with Nakajima Kengyõ II and made his debut when he was 9. He went to Inchon (1908) to teach the koto and shakuhachi; then taught in Seoul. After receiving his certificate as a koto player with highest honors, he was given the professional name of Nakasuga; was known as Michio Miyagi from 1913. He settled in Tokyo (1917), and with Seiju Yoshida, he founded the New Japanese Music Movement (1920). He became a lecturer (1930) and a prof. (1937) at the Tokyo Music School, and also taught at the National Univ. of Fine Arts and Music (from 1950). He wrote more than 1,000 works for koto and other Japanese instruments as well as an opera, Kariteibo (1924), choral works, and solo vocal music.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire