Mattei, Stanislao

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Mattei, Stanislao

Mattei, Stanislao, Italian composer and pedagogue; b. Bologna, Feb. 10, 1750; d. there, May 12, 1825. He spent his entire life in Bologna. He was a pupil of Padre Martini. After becoming a member of the Franciscan order of Friars Minor Conventual, he began a close association with Martini at S. Francesco in 1770. In 1776 he was officially named Martini’s substitute and successor, which he became upon his mentor’s death in 1784. In 1789 he became maestro di cappella at S. Petronio. In 1799 he was made a member of the Accademia Filarmonica, serving as its principe in 1803, 1808, and 1818. In 1804 he was appointed prof, of counterpoint and composition at the founding of the Liceo Musicale, numbering Rossini and Donizetti among his students. He publ, the treatise Practica d’accompagnamento sopra bassi numerati (Bologna, e. 1824). Among his works were over 300 sacred pieces, as well as syms. and other orch. works, and secular vocal music.


E Canuti, Vita di S. M. (Bologna, 1829); idem, Osservazioni sulla bua di S. M. (Reggio, 1830).

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire