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Lehmann, Hans Ulrich

Lehmann, Hans Ulrich, Swiss composer and teacher; b. Biel, May 4, 1937. After training in cello and theory at the Biel Cons. (teacher’s diplomas), he pursued studies in the composition master classes of Boulez and Stockhausen in Basel (1960-63); he also studied musicology with Fischer at the Univ. of Zürich. From 1961 to 1972 he taught at the Basel Academy of Music, and from 1969 to 1990 he lectured on new music and theory at the Univ. of Zürich. He became a teacher of composition and theory at the Zürich Hochschule für Music in 1972, serving as director of the Hochschule and Cons. from 1976. He also was president of S UIS A, the Swiss copyright soc. for authors of musical works, from 1991. In 1988 he was awarded the composition prize of the Swiss Musician’s Assn. In 1993 he received the music prize of the City of Zürich. He has developed an individual style of composition with major serial connotations.


orch.:Quanti for Flute and Chamber Orch. (1962; Geneva, Feb. 14, 1963); Komposition für 19 (1964-65; Darmstadt, July 25, 1965); Instants for Piano and Strings (Geneva, May 2, 1969); Concerto for Flute, Clarinet, and Strings (Lucerne, Sept. 6, 1969); Positionen (1971; Zürich, Jan. 7, 1972); Dis-cantus I for Oboe and Strings (Zagreb, May 9, 1971); zu blasen (1975-76; Graz, Oct. 17, 1976); Kammermusik I (Hommage à Mozart) for Small Orch. (1978-79; Lugano Radio, March 29, 1979), II for Small Orch. (1979; Zürich, Jan. 4, 1980), and III for 12 Solo Strings (1983); Fragmente for Small Orch. (1986-87); Nocturnes (1990-91). chamber:Régions for Flute (1963); Episoden for Wind Quintet (1963-64); Mosaik for Clarinet (1964); Spiele for Oboe and Harp (1965); Regions III for Clarinet, Trombone, and Cello (1970); Monodie for Wind Instrument (1970); Sonata “da chiesa” for Violin and Organ (1971); Tractus for Flute, Oboe, and Clarinet (1971); Faces for Harpsichord or Piano and 5 Instruments (1972); gegen-(bei-)spiele for 5 Winds (1973); “…zu streichen” for 2 Cellos, 2 Violins, and 2 Violas (1974); Air for Clarinet and Piano (1977); Contr’aire for Clarinet and Piano (1979); flautando for 3 Recorders (1981); “stroking” for Percussionist (1982); “battuto a tre-tratto” for 3 Percussion (1983); Mirlitonnades for Flute(1983); Triplum for 3 Basset Horns or Bass Clarinets (1984); “sich fragend nach frühster erinnerung” for Recorder Quartet (1985); “-ludes” for Cello and Piano (1985); “in memoriam S. Nicolai de Flue” for 2 Flutes, 2 Cellos, and Organ (1986-87); String Quartet (1987-88); “de profundis” for Cello, Clarinet, and Percussion (1988-89); “etwas Klangvon meiner Oberfläche” for Guitar (1991). keyboard: piano:Instants (1968). organ:Noten for 1 or 2 Organs (1964-66); Monolog (1976); Fundamentum (1980). vocal:Rondo for Soprano and Orch. (1967; Donaueschingen, Oct. 20, 1968); discantus II for Soprano, Organ, and Chamber Orch. (Bern, Aug. 17, 1971); a la recherche…for Voices and 2 Organs (1973); Streuungen for Chorus and Orch. (1975-76); Tantris for Soprano, Flute, and Cello (1976-77); Motetus Paraburi for Soprano, Tenor, and Baritone (1977-78); Duette for Soprano, Flute, and Cello (1980); “Lege mich wie ein Stegel auf dein Herz” for Soprano, Flute, and Clarinet (1980); Canticum I and II for Soprano and Instrument (1981); “gottes panarchische nacht”, cantata for Soprano, Trumpet, Women’s Chorus, and Orch. (1981-82); “Mon amour” for Mezzo-soprano and Cello (1983); Alleluja I for Soprano, Clarinet, Japanese Temple Bell, and Organ (1985); “Osculetur me” for Soprano and Basset Horn (1988-89); “Wandloser Raum” for Speaker, Flute, Clarinet, and Harp (1989); “ad missam Prolationum” for Tenor, Baritone, Bass Clarinet, and Percussion (1989-90).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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