Lankester, Michael

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Lankester, Michael (b London, 1944). Eng. conductor and composer. Cond. début ECO, London 1967. Cond. of opera at RCM 1969–80 (head of opera dept. 1975). Mus. dir. Nat. Th., 1969–75, Surrey PO 1974–9. Founder, Contrapuncti. At Britten's request in 1976, made orch. suite of ballet The Prince of the Pagodas, f.p. London 1979 (Proms.). Ass. cond. 1980–2, assoc. cond. 1982–4, and cond.-in-res. 1984–8 of Pittsburgh SO. Mus. dir., Hartford (Conn.) PO from 1986.