Kundera, Ludvik

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Kundera, Ludvik

Kundera, Ludvik, Czech pianist and musicologist; b. Brunn, Aug. 17, 1891; d. there (Brno), May 12, 1971. He studied voice and piano in Vienna and also took courses at the Univ. of Prague. He made his debut in a Prague recital in 1912; later attended Cortot’s master classes in piano in Paris (1925) and studied musicology at the Univ. of Brno (Ph.D., 1925). He toured widely in Europe as a soloist and chamber music player, doing much to promote the music of Czech composers. He was prof, of piano and aesthetics at the Brno Cons, from 1922 until his removal by the Nazi occupation authorities in 1941. After the liberation of his homeland, he was director of the Brno Cons. (1945–46), prof, of piano and deputy dean of the Brno branch of the Prague Academy of Music (1946–47), and prof, of piano at the Brno Academy, serving as dean of its music faculty (1948–50) and as rector (1949–62).


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire