KuhaC, Franz Xaver (Franjo Zaver)

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KuhaČ, Franz Xaver (Franjo Zaver)

KuhaČ, Franz Xaver (Franjo Zaver), Croatian music theorist; b. Osijek, Nov. 20, 1834; d. Agram, June 18, 1911. He studied with Them in Leipzig and Liszt in Weimar (1856), then with Czerny and Hanslick in Vienna. He taught piano in Osijek (1858–71), and then was a music critic in Zagreb (1871–74). He subsequently taught at the Croatian Music Inst. (1872–76). He publ. 4 books of folk songs (1878-81; remaining songs publ. in 1941).


Katekizam glazbe: Prva hrvatska glazena teorija po J. Ch. Lobeu (A Musical Catechism: The First Croatian Music Theory after Lobe; Zagreb, 1875; 2nd ed., enl., 1890); Vatroslav Lisinski i njegovo doba (V. L. and His Time; Zagreb, 1887; 2nd ed., enl., 1904); IHrski glazenici (The Musicians of the Illyrian Movement; Zagreb, 1893); Prva hrvatska uputa u glasoviranje (The First Croatian School of Piano Playing; Zagreb, 1896-97); Moj rad (My Work; Zagreb, 1904).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire