Kuh, David

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KUH, DAVID (1818–1879), Bohemian politician and journalist. Born in Prague, Kuh studied medicine and law in Vienna and advocated Jewish integration with the Slavs. He argued that the Jews should assist the Slavs in winning their rightful place in Europe and become the middle class in Slav society. Kuh went to Budapest as a journalist and supported the revolutionary forces of Louis *Kossuth in 1848. After the failure of the Hungarian Revolution, he was imprisoned. He was released in 1849 and returned to Prague where he founded the German-language newspapers Prager Zeitschrift fuer Literatur and Tagesbote von Boehmen. Kuh was elected to the Bohemian Diet in 1862 and in complete contrast to his former beliefs, opposed the Czech nationalists in their conflict with the Germans. His influence on German-language journalism in the Hapsburg dominions was considerable, and he was described by Egon Erwin *Kisch as the "father of the Viennese press."


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