Krohn, Ilmari (Henrik Reinhold)

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Krohn, Ilmari (Henrik Reinhold)

Krohn, Ilmari (Henrik Reinhold), eminent Finnish musicologist; b. Helsinki, Nov. 8, 1867; d. there, April 25, 1960. After studying with Richard Faltin in Helsinki (1885–86), he took courses at the Leipzig Cons, with Papperitz and Reinecke (1886–90); obtained his M.A. in 1894 and his Ph.D. in 1900 from the Univ. of Helsinki with the diss. Über die Art und Enstehung der geistlichen Volksmelodien in Finnland (publ. in Helsinki, 1899); later studied with Bausznern in Weimar (1909). He lectured at the Helsinki Music Inst. (1900-1901; 1905; 1907; 1914-16), the Phil. Orch. School (1900-1901; 1904-14), and the Univ. of Helsinki (1900–18); then was its first prof, of musicology (1918–35); also taught at the Church Music Inst. (1923-30; 1933-44). He was active in folk music research from 1886, resulting in his valuable compilation of some 7, 000 Finnish folk songs in Suomen kansan sävelmiä (1898–1933). He founded the Finnish section of the IMS (1910); was founder (1916) and chairman (1917–39) of the Finnish Musicological Soc. Krohn was also a composer, numbering among his works an opera, Tuhotulva (Deluge; 1918; Helsinki, Oct. 25, 1928), 2 oratorios: Ikiaartehet (Eternal Treasures; 1912) and Voittajat (Victors; 1935), St. John Passion (1940), cantatas, Psalms, and songs.


Musiikin teorian oppijakso (Principles of Music Theory; 5 vols., Porvoo: I, Rytmioppi [Rhythm; 1911-14; rev. ed., 1958]; II, Säveloppi [Melody; 1917]; III, Harmoniaoppi [Harmony; 1923]; IV, Polyfoniaoppi [Polyphony; 1929]; V, Muoto-oppi [Form; 1937]); Puhdasvireisen säveltapailun opas (Guide to Solfège in Natural Tuning; Helsinki, 1911); Die Sammlung und Erforschung der Volksmusik in Finnland (Helsinki, 1933); Die finnische Volksmusik (Griefswald, 1935); Liturgisen sävellystyylin opas (The Liturgical Style of Composition; Porvoo, 1940); Der Formenbau in den Symphonien von Jean Sibelius (Helsinki, 1942); Der lutherische Choral in Finnland (Âbo, 1944); Der Stimmungsgehalt in den Symphonien von Jean Sibelius (2 vols., Helsinki, 1945-46); Sävel-muistoja elämäni varrelta (Porvoo, 1951; memoirs); Anton Bruck-ners Symphonien: Untersuchung über Formenbau und Stimmungsgehalt (3 vols., Helsinki, 1955-57).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire