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Kortekangas, Olli

Kortekangas, Olli, Finnish composer and teacher; b. Turku, May 16, 1955. He was a student of theory and composition of Rautavaara and Hämeeniemi at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (1974–81). In 1977 he was a founding member of the contemporary music society Korvat Auki (Ears Open). Following further training with Schnebel in Berlin (1981–82), he returned to Helsinki and taught at the National Theater Academy (1983–86) and then at the Sibelius Academy. As a composer, Kortekangas has followed an independent course in which he confronts and incorporates various styles and techniques in a stimulating fashion.


dramatic:Short Story, opera (1979-80; Helsinki, Oct. 15, 1980); Grand Hotel, opera (1984-85; Helsinki, Sept. 12, 1987); Memoria, radiophonie piece (1989); incidental music. ORCH.: Arr for Strings (1980); Fanfares for 3 Instrumental Groups (1980); Ökologie 1: Vorspiel (1983; Helsinki, Jan. 25, 1984) and 2: Konzert (1986-87; Helsinki, March 11, 1987); Alba (1988; Espoo, March 19, 1989); Fanfare (Porvoo, June 28, 1991); Concert Piece for Clarinet, Cello, and Orch. (1993–94). CHAMBER: Threnody for Horn and Piano (1977; Helsinki, Dec. 13, 1978); Konsequenz for Violin and Piano (1982–83); Sehr schnell for Violin (1984); Koraali “Punavuoren nuottikirjasta” for Harmonium (1986); Emotion for Variable Ensemble and Electronics (Helsinki, Aug. 27, 1988); Omaggio a M.C. Escher for Alto Flute and Guitar (Viitasaari, July 22, 1990); Iscrizione for Clarinet and Cello (Warsaw, Sept. 12, 1990); Mi for Violin and Piano (1991). KEYBOARD: Piano: Cereal Sweet for Piano, 4-Hands (1978); Fingerprints (1980). Organ: Sonata (Helsinki, Sept. 25, 1979). VOCAL: Vihreä madonna (The Green Madonna) for Chorus (Espoo, Dec. 7, 1975); 3 Early Songs for Voice and Piano (1975; rev. 1980); Tuutulaulu (Lullaby) for Soprano and Alto Voices (Nilsiä, June 1980); Memoarer (Memoirs) for Voice and Piano (1982; Jyväskylä, June 28, 1983); Paraabeli (Parable) for 5 Men’s Voices (1983; Helsinki, March 1, 1985); Metamatiikkaa for Soprano and Alto Voices and Instruments Obbligato (1983); Madrigaali for Women’s Chorus (Turku, May 12, 1984); Lumen vaio (The Glow of Snow) for Men’s Chorus and Percussion (1984; Helsinki, Dec. 8, 1985); MAA (Earth) for Children’s Chorus and Instruments (1984-85; Joensuu, June 19, 1985); 3 Texts by Waltari for Chorus (1985; Helsinki, March 15, 1986); Istuin meren rannalla (I Was Sitting by the Sea) for Voice (1987; Helsinki, Jan. 9, 1988); Verbum for Double Chorus (1987); A for Children’s Chorus, Percussion, and Electronics (1987-88; Tampere, Feb. 20, 1988); Amores, 3 songs for Mezzo-soprano and Orch. (Oulu, Nov. 30, 1989). electronic:Memoria (1988-89).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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