Hoschna (Hoschner), Karl

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Hoschna (Hoschner), Karl

Hoschna (Hoschner), Karl, Czech-American composer; b. Kuschwarda, Aug. 16, 1876; d. N.Y., Dec. 23, 1911. He studied piano, harmony, and composition at the Vienna Cons., then played oboe in an Austrian army band before going to the U.S. (1896), where he was an oboist in Victor Herbert’s orch. After working as a music copyist and arranger, he turned to composing, turning out a number of successful operettas, mostly in collaboration with the lyricist Otto Harbach.


dramatic: Operetta: The Belle of the West (Chicago, Oct. 29, 1905); The Girl from Broadway (Philadelphia, Dec. 3, 1906); 3 Twins (N.Y., June 15, 1908); Prince Humbug (Boston, Sept. 3, 1908); The Photo Shop (1910); Bright Eyes (N.Y., Feb. 28, 1910); Madame Sherry (N.Y., Aug. 30, 1910); Katie Did (Chicago, Feb. 18, 1911); Jumping Jupiter (N.Y., March 6, 1911); Dr. Deluxe (N.Y., April 17, 1911); The Girl of My Dreams (N.Y., Aug. 7, 1911); The Fascinating Widow (N.Y., Sept. 11, 1911); The Wall Street Girl (N.Y., April 15, 1912).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire