Gunn, John

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Gunn, John

Gunn, John, Scottish cellist and writer on music; b. Edinburgh, c. 1765; d. there, c. 1824. In 1789 he went to London, where he taught cello and flute. He returned to Edinburgh in 1802.


40 Scotch Airs arranged as trios for flute, violin, and violoncello; The Art of Playing the German Flute on New Principles; The Theory and Practice of Fingering the Violoncello (London, 1793); An Essay, Theoretical and Practical, on the Application of Harmony, Thorough-Bass, and Modulation to the Violoncello (Edinburgh, 1801); An Historical Inquiry regarding the Performance on the Harp in the Highlands of Scotland from the earliest Times until it was discontinued about the year 1734 (Edinburgh, 1807).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire