Gunner Palace

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Gunner Palace ★★★ 2004 (PG-13)

Frenetic documentary follows the 2/3 Field Artillery Division (known as “The Gunners”) of the U.S. Army's First Armored Division as they serve their tour of duty in Iraq. The Gunners have set up camp in a once-opulent Iraqi palace, formerly occupied by one of Saddam Hussein's sons. Tucker and Epperlein ignore the politics behind the war, but rather emphasize the chaotic existence of the soldiers on the frontlines. We watch their daily routines, see them laugh and interact, and listen to them express their feelings about putting their lives on the line. The ugly, grainy camerawork might turn some off, but overall, it presents a compelling snapshot of life during wartime. 85m/C DVD . USD: Michael Tucker, Petra Epperlein; C: Michael Tucker.