Gilbert, Anthony

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Gilbert, Anthony (b London, 1934). Eng. composer. Lect. in comp. Goldsmiths' Coll., London Univ., 1969–73. Ed. of contemp. mus. Schott's, London, from 1965. Head of comp. RNCM from 1973. Head of comp. dept., NSW Cons., Sydney, 1978–9. Prin. works incl.:OPERAS: The Scene Machine (1970); The Chakravaka-Bird, radio opera (1977).ORCH.: Sinfonia, chamber orch. (1965); Peal II, big band (1968); symphony (1973, rev. 1985; Regions, rev. and incorporated as middle movt.); Crow-Cry, chamber orch. (1976); Towards Asavari, pf., orch. (1978); Koonapippi, youth orch. (1981); Dream Carousels, wind band (1988); Mozart Sampler With Ground (1991); Igorochki, concertini recs., chamber orch. (1992).INSTR. ENS.: Serenade 6 instr. (1963); Brighton Piece, perc., ens. (1967); O'Grady Music, cl., vc., toy instr. (1971); Canticle I (Rock-song), fls., obs., cls., hns., hp., pf. (1973), 2nd vers. fls., cls., hp. (1979); Calls Around Chungmori, ens., workshop ens., audience (1980); Little Dance of Barrenjoey, chamber ens. (1981); Upstream River Rewa, narr., Indo-Eur. ens. (1991).BRASS: Fanfarings Nos. 1 & 2 (1983), Nos. 3 & 4 (1986–7), No.5 (1988), No.6 (1992).CHORAL: Missa brevis, unacc. (1965); Canticle II (Anger), male vv. (1974); Chant of Cockeye Bob, children's vv., instr. (1981).VOICE(S) & INSTR(S).: Love Poems, sop., cl., vc., accordeon (1970), vers. for sop., cl., bcl., chamber org. or harmonium (1972); Long White Moonlight, sop., elec. db. (1980); Beastly Jingles, sop., ens. (1984); Certain Lights Reflecting, sop., orch. (1988–9).

Also many chamber works and kbd. pieces.