Frumerie, (Per) Gunnar (Fredrik) de

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Frumerie, (Per) Gunnar (Fredrik) de

Frumerie, (Per) Gunnar (Fredrik) de, es-teemed Swedish composer, pianist, and teacher; b. Nacka, near Stockholm, July 20, 1908; d. Morby, Sept. 9, 1987. He was a student of Lundberg (piano) and Ellberg (composition) at the Stockholm Cons. (1923–29). After pursuing his training with Sauer (piano) and Stein (composition) on a Jenny Lind Foundation stipend in Vienna (1929–31), he completed his studies with Cortot (piano) and Sabaneyev (composition) in Paris. He was active as a concert pianist in Sweden, and also taught piano at the Stockholm Musikhögskolan (1945–74). In 1943 he was made a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. His music reflected the influence of Scandinavian Romanticism, crafted along traditional lines with a respect for folk elements.


DRAMATIC En Moder, melodrama (1932); Singoalla, opera (1937–40; Stockholm, March 16, 1940); Johannesnatten, ballet (1947). ORCH: 2 piano concertos (1929, 1932); Suite in an Anciet Style for Chamber Orch. (1930); Variations and Fugue for Piano and Orch. (1932); Violin Concerto (1936; rev. 1976); Partita for Strings (1937); Pastoral Suite for Flute, Harp, and Strings (1941; also for Flute and Piano, 1933); Symphonic Variations (1941); Symphonie Ballad for Piano and Orch. (1943–44); Divertimento (1951); Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orch. (1953); Concerto for Clarinet, Harp, Percussion, and Strings (1958); Trumpet Concerto (1959); Concertino for Oboe, Harp, Percussion, and Strings (1960); Flute Concerto (1969); Horn Concerto (1971–72); Ballad (1975); Violin Concerto (1976); Concertino for Piano and Strings (1977); Cello Concerto (1984; orchestration of the 2nd Cello Sonata, 1949; also orchestrated as a Trombone Concerto, 1986). CHAMBER: 2 piano trios (1932, 1952); 2 violin sonatas (1934, 1944); 2 piano quartets (1941, 1963); Elegiac Suite for Cello and Piano (1946); Suite for Wind Quintet (1973); String Quintet (1974); Musica per nove, octet (1976); piano pieces, including 2 sonatas (1968). VOCAL: Fader var, cantata (1945); 8 Psalms for Chorus and Orch. (1953–55); a cappella choruses; songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire