Fribec, Krešimir

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Fribec, Krešimir

Fribec, Krešimir, Croatian composer; b. Daruvar, May 24, 1908. He studied with Zlatko Grgosevic in Zagreb, and later was active as music ed. of the Zagreb Radio (1943–64). He also served as director of the Croatian Music Soc. Most of his large output was composed in an accessible style.


DRAMATIC Opera : Sluga Jernej (1951); Krvava svadba (Blood Wedding; 1958); Prometej (1960); Jerma (1960); Maljiva (1962); Cehovljev humoristicon (1962); Nova Eva (1963); Juduska Golovljiev (1964); Adagio melancolico (1965); Dolazi revisor (The Government Inspector; 1965); Dunja u kovfegu (1966); Veliki val (The Large Wave; 1966); Heretik (1971); Ujak Vanja (Uncle Vanya; 1972). O t h e r : Many ballets. ORCH.: Ritmi drammatici for Chamber Orch. (1960); Accenti tragici (1961); Kosmtfka kretanja (Cosmic Movements; 1961); Piano Concerto (1964); Canto for Strings (1965); Ekstaza, symphonic suite (1965); Simfonija (1965); Lamento for Strings (1967); Koncertantna muzika for Violin and Orch. (1970); Cello Concerto (1971); Covjek, sym. (1972). CHAMBER: 7 string quartets (1962–72); Musica aleatorica for Flute, Cello, Vibraphone, and Piano (1961); Sonata for Cello (1966); Violin Sonata (1967); Divertimento for Viola and Percussion (1970); Alterations, piano trio (1971).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire