Eschenbach (Ringmann), Christoph

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Eschenbach [Ringmann], Christoph (b Breslau, 1940). Ger. pianist and conductor. Won Steinway pf. comp. 1952; first prize in first Clara Haskil comp., Montreux, 1965. London début 1966; Salzburg Fest. 1967; Amer. 1969 (Cleveland Orch.). Gave f.p. of Henze's 2nd pf. conc. (Bielefeld, 1968). Début as cond. 1972. Opera début, Darmstadt 1978 (La traviata); CG 1984. Cond. Tonhalle Orch., Zurich, 1982–5. Mus. dir. Houston SO from 1988.