Dodge, Charles

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Dodge, Charles (b Ames, Iowa, 1942). Amer. composer. Specialist in elec. and computer-programmed mus. Teacher at Columbia Univ. 1967–9, 1970–7; assoc. prof. of mus., Brooklyn Coll. of City Univ. of NY, 1977–80, prof. from 1980. Works incl. Changes, computer-synthesized sounds on tape (1970); Earth's Magnetic Field, elec. on tape (1970); Extensions, tpt., computer synthesis (1973); Palinode, orch., computer synthesis (1976); Mingo's Song, computer-synthesized v. (1983); The Waves, sop., computer synthesis (1984); Song Without Words, computer synthesis (1986); Wedding Music, vn., computer synthesis (1988); The Voice of Binky, computer synthesis (1989).