Dobrowolski, Andrzej

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Dobrowolski, Andrzej

Dobrowolski, Andrzej, Polish composer and teacher; b. Lwow, Sept. 9,1921; d. Graz, Aug. 8,1990. He studied organ, clarinet, and voice at the Warsaw Cons., then composition with Malawski and theory with Lobaczewska at the Krakow State Coll. of Music (1947–51). He taught at the Warsaw State Coll. of Music (1954–75), then was a prof, of composition at the Graz Hochschule für Musik (from 1976), serving as head of its faculty of composition, theory, and conducting (from 1980). His music is a paradigm of modern structuralism and textural abstraction.


ORCH Symphonic Variations (1949); Overture (1950); Bassoon Concerto (1953); Sym. No. 1 (1955); Music for Strings and 4 Groups of Wind Instruments (1964); Music for Strings, 2 Groups of Wind Instruments, and 2 Loudspeakers (1967); Music 1 (1968), 2; Amar (1970), 3 (1972–73), 4: A-La (1974), 5: Passacaglia (1978–79), and 6 (1981–82); Music for Chamber Orch. (1982–83); Music for Orch. and Oboe (1984–85); Flutchen for Chamber Ensemble and Reciter (1986). OTHER: Trio for Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon (1956); Studies for Oboe, Trumpet, Bassoon, and Double Bass (1959); Passacaglia from 40 to 5, electronic music (1959); Music for Tape No. 1 (1962); Music for Tape and Oboe (1965); Krabogapa for 4 Instruments (1969); Music for Tape and Piano (1971); Music for Chorus, 2 Groups of Winds, Double Basses, and Percussion (1975); Music for Tape and Double Bass (1977); Music for 3 Accordions, Mouth Harmonicas, and Percussion (1977); Music for Tape and Clarinet (1980); Musik fur Grazer Blaserkreis for 8 Trumpets, 8 Horns, 8 Trombones, and Percussion (1984).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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