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Bote & Bock

Bote & Bock, German music publishers. The firm was established in Berlin in 1838 by Eduard Bote (retired 1847) and Gustav Bock (b. April 1, 1813; d. April 27, 1863). The directorship was assumed after Bock’s death by his brother Eduard Bock (d. March 31, 1871), followed by his son Hugo Bock (b. Berlin, July 25, 1848; d. there, March 12, 1932), who handled the affairs of the firm for over 60 years. He acquired for the firm a great number of operas and operettas, and also a number of instrumental works by celebrated 19th century composers. In 1904 Bock purchased the catalogue of Lauterbach & Kuhn of Leipzig, including the works of Max Reger (from op.66 on). His successor was his son Gustav Bock (b. Berlin, July 17, 1882; d. July 6, 1953), who headed the firm until 1938, and again from 1947. The headquarters of the firm remained in Berlin. In 1996 the firm merged with Boosey & Hawkes.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire