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Botched ★½ 2007

Odd and not particularly successful mix of horror, comedy, and crime. American Ritchie (Dorff) must be a lousy professional thief because his jobs keep going wrong. He's sent to Moscow to steal an antique cross that's kept in a bank building and is given a couple of inept locals for backup. Naturally their getaway gets screwed and they wind up with hostages and are diverted to the building's unused 13th floor. They find out it's been abandoned for a very good reason. 94m/C DVD . Stephen Dorff, Sean Pertwee, Jamie Foreman, Russell Smith, Jaime Murray, Bronagh Gallagher, Edward Baker-Duly; D: Kit Ryan; W: Derek Boyle, Eamon Friel, Raymond Friel; C: Bryan Lof-tus; M: Tom Green. VIDEO