Bartei, Girolamo

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Bartei, Girolamo

Bartei, Girolamo, Italian organist and compoer; b. Arezzo, c. 1565; d. c. 1618. He was a member of the Augustinian order. He was maestro di cappella at Arezzo Cathedral (1592–94; 1595–97; 1598) and at Volterra Cathedral (1604–07). In 1608 he went to Rome and served his order as sub-prior at the S. Agostino monastery. Following a stay at the church of S. Agostino, he was sub-prior, organist, and teacher of the professed at the S. Agostino monastery in Orvieto (1616). In 1617–18 he was at the Augustinian monastery of Marino in Rome. He was an accomplished composer of sacred and secular vocal music, and of instrumental music.


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—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire