Zhou Yu's Train

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Zhou Yu's Train ★★½ Zhou Yu de Huoche 2002 (PG-13)

Gong Li stars in this slick romantic drama as porcelain painter, Zhou Yu, who's in love with teacher/poet Chen Ching (Leung Karfai). Because he lives in a distant village, Zhou takes the train twice a week so they can be together. Chen begins to feel overwhelmed and transfers to an even farther away town; meanwhile, Zhou becomes friendly with another train passenger, Zhang (Honglei). Gong also plays another character, Xiu, who's involved with Chen and wants to know about his time with Zhou. Except maybe nothing is what it first seems since director's Sun's theme is that love is how you want it to appear (or something like that). Based on the novella “Zhou Yu's Cry” by Bei Cun. Mandarian with subtitles. 97m/C DVD . Honglei Sun, Gong Li, Tony Leung Karfai, Li Zhixiong, Shi Chunling, Liu Wei, Gao Jingwen, Dai Ke, Pan Weiyan, Huang Mo; D: Sun Zhou; W: Sun Zhou, Bei Cun, Zhang Mei; C: Wang Yu; M: Shingeru Umebayashi.