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WORBOYS, Anne. (Annette Isobel Worboys). Also writes as Annette Eyre, Vicky Maxwell. British, b. 1920. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical. Career: Novelist. Publications: The Lion of Delos, 1974; Every Man a King, 1975, in US as Rendezvous with Fear, 1977; The Barrancourt Destiny, 1977; The Bhunda Jewels, 1980; Run, Sara, Run, 1981; A Kingdom for the Bold, 1986, in US as Aurora Rose, 1988; China Silk, 1990; Alice, 1993; Village Sins, 1994; You Can't Sing without Me, 1996; Season of the Senses, 1996; Hotel Girl, 1997; House of Destiny, 1996; Shifting Sands, 1996; Relative Strangers, 1997. AS ANNE EYRE WORBOYS: Dream of Petals Whim, 1961; Palm Rock and Paradise, 1961; Call from a Stranger, 1962. AS ANNETTE EYRE: Three Strings to a Fortune, 1962; Visit to Rata Creek, 1964; The Valley of Yesterday, 1965; A Net to Catch the Wind, 1966; Return to Bellbird Country, 1966; The House of Five Pines, 1967; The River and Wilderness, 1967, in US as Give Me Your Love, 1975; A Wind from the Hill, 1968; Thorn-Apple, 1968; Tread Softly in the Sun, 1969; The Little Millstones, 1970; Dolphin Bay, 1970; Rainbow Child, 1971; The Magnolia Room, 1972; Venetian Inheritance, 1973. AS VICKY MAXWELL: Chosen Child, 1973; Flight to the Villa Mistra, 1973; The Way of the Tamarisk, 1974 (in US as by Anne Worboys, 1975); High Hostage, 1976; The Other Side of Summer, 1977. Address: Flat 2 Oakfield Ct, Camden Hill, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 4TG, England.

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