Widow's Kiss

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Widow's Kiss ★★ 1994 (R)

Sean Sager (Astin) is suspicious when his wealthy dad Justin (Davison) dies in the arms of sexy, widowed Vivian (D'Angelo). So he hires detective Eddie Costello (Haysbert), who learns that the widow has left a number of dead husbands behind. But Sean's in desperate trouble when he discovers Vivian gets dad's fortune if Sean should die. Rather dull cable drama wastes its talented cast. 103m/C VHS . MacKenzie Astin, Beverly D'Angelo, Bruce Davison, Dennis Haysbert, Michael Woolson, Barbara Rush, Anna Maria Horsford, Michael Des Barres, Claudette Nevins; D: Peter Foldy; W: Peter Foldy, Mark Donnelly; C: Doyle Smith; M: Robert Sprayberry. CABLE