Whittaker, C(harles) R(ichard)

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WHITTAKER, C(harles) R(ichard)

WHITTAKER, C(harles) R(ichard). British, b. 1929. Genres: Economics, History. Career: Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, lecturer in classics at Churchill College, beginning in 1971. Publications: Herodian, 2 vol., 1960; Les frontières de l'Empire romain, 1989; Frontiers of the Roman Empire, 1994. EDITOR: (with P.D.A. Garnsey) Imperialism in the Ancient World, 1978; (with P. Garnsey and K. Hopkins) Trade in the Ancient Economy, 1983; (with P. Garnsey) Trade and Famine, 1983; (with P. Brun & S. van der Leeuw) Frontières d'Empire, 1993. Address: Churchill College, Cambridge University, Cambridge CB3 0DS, England.

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Whittaker, C(harles) R(ichard)

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