Waterloo Bridge

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Waterloo Bridge ★★★ 1940

In London during WWI, Capt. Roy Cronin (Taylor), a soldier from an aristocratic family, begins a tragic romance with ballet dancer Myra Lester (Leigh) when they meet by chance on the foggy Waterloo Bridge. She loses her job and when Roy is listed as dead, Myra's despair turns her to prostitution. But when Roy returns from POW camp, they once again meet by accident on Waterloo Bridge, and their romance resumes, with Myrast Taylor. Based on the play by Robert E. Sherwood. 109m/B VHS, DVD . Vivien Leigh, Robert Taylor, Lucile Watson, Sir C. Aubrey Smith, Maria Ouspenskaya, Virginia Field; D: Mervyn LeRoy; W: S.N. Behrman, George Froeschel, Hans Rameau; C: Joseph Ruttenberg; M: Herbert Stothart.