Walton, Rick

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WALTON, Rick. American, b. 1957. Genres: Children's fiction, Humor/ Satire. Career: Freelance writer, 1982-; Provo Parks and Recreation Dept, projects coordinator, 1983-84; WICAT Systems, editor, education division, 1984-85; Bacchus Elementary, Granite School District, 6th-grade teacher, 1987-88; Waterford School, teacher, 1988-89; IBM, software designer/ creative writer, 1989-90; freelance software designer/writer, 1994-. Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Brazil, 1976-78. Publications: MAKE ME LAUGH RIDDLE BOOK SERIES (WITH A. WALTON): Dumb Clucks! Jokes about Chickens, 1987; Something's Fishy! Jokes about Sea Creatures, 1987; What's Your Name, Again? More Jokes about Names, 1988; Kiss a Frog! Jokes about Fairy Tales, Knights, and Dragons, 1989; Can You Match This? Jokes about Unlikely Pairs, 1989; What a Ham! Jokes about Pigs, 1989; Fossil Follies! Jokes about Dinosaurs, 1989; Clowning Around! Jokes about the Circus, 1989. YOU MUST BE JOKING RIDDLE BOOK SERIES (WITH A. WALTON): Weather or Not: Riddles for Rain or Shine, 1990; On with the Show: Show Me Riddles, 1990; I Toad You So: Riddles about Frogs and Toads, 1991; Ho-Ho-Ho!: Riddles about Santa Claus, 1991; Alphabatty: Riddles about the Alphabet, 1991; Off Base: Riddles about Baseball, 1993; Hoop-La: Riddles about Basketball, 1993; Take a Hike: Riddles about Football, 1993. OTHER RIDDLE BOOKS: Riddle-Day Saints, 1994; Wholly Cowboy: Cowboy, Cow, and Horse Riddles, 1995; Dino-Might: Pre-hysterical Dinosaur Riddles, 1995; The Ghost Is Clear: Riddles about Ghosts, Goblins, Vampires, Witches and Other Creatures That Cause Shivers in the Night, 1995; Astro-Nuts! Riddles about Astronauts and the Planets They Love, 1995; Really Really Bad School Jokes!, 1998; Really Really Bad Summer Jokes, 1999. PICTURE BOOKS: Will You Still Love Me?, 1992; How Many How Many How Many, 1993; Noah's Square Dance, 1995; Once There Was a Bull…(frog), 1995; You Don't Always Get What You Hope For, 1996; Pig Pigger Piggest, 1997; Dance, Pioneer, Dance!, 1997; So Many Bunnies, 1998; Why the Banana Split, 1998; Bullfrog Pops, 1999; Little Dogs Say "Rough!," 2000; My Two Hands/My Two Feet, 2000; One More Bunny, 2000; That's What You Get, 2000; That's My Dog!, 2001; The Bear Came over to My House, 2001; How Can You Dance?, 2001; Bertie Was a Watchdog, 2002; Herd of Cows, Flock of Sheep, 2002; Bunny Day, 2002; (with A. Walton) Cars at Play, 2002. OTHER: What to Do When a Bug Climbs in Your Mouth and Other Poems to Drive You Buggy (poetry), 1995; The Big Book of Scripture Activities, 1996; Brain Waves Puzzle Book, 2002.