Vegas Vacation

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Vegas Vacation ★ 1996 (PG)

It may not have come out under the “National Lampoon” banner but you'll recognize both the characters and the situations. The innocent Griswold clan head from their Chicago home to the bright lights and gambling temptations of Las Vegas. Clark (Chase) blows all their money, Ellen (D'Angelo) reveals a hidden passion for Wayne Newton, daughter Audrey (Nichols) decides to become a go-go dancer, and son Rusty (Embry) turns into a high roller who draws the attention of the mob. Oh yeah, dimwit cousin Eddie (Quaid) also tries to supply a few yucks. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Randy Quaid, Ethan (Randall) Embry, Miriam Flynn, Marisol Nichols, Shae D'Lyn, Wallace Shawn, Wayne Newton; Cameos: Sid Caesar, Julia Sweeney, Christie Brinkley; D: Stephen Kessler; W: Elisa Bell; C: William A. Fraker; M: Joel McNeely.