An Unexpected Life

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An Unexpected Life ★★½ 1997 (PG)

Sequel to 1996's “An Unexpected Family.” Barbara Whitney (Channing) has moved to the country and is raising her niece Megan (Russo) and nephew Matt (Fleiss) with the help of boyfriend Sam (Collins). Then Babs discovers she's pregnant—not altogether welcome news. Neither is Barbara's sister Ruth (Ebersole) deciding her life is back on track and she wants to regain custody of her kids or Sam's estrangement from his own visiting mother (Stritch). This blended family needs a good therapist. 92m/C VHS . Stockard Channing, Stephen Collins, Christine Ebersole, Elaine Stritch, Noah Fleiss, Chelsea Russo, RuPaul Charles; D: David Hugh Jones; W: Lee Rose. CABLE

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An Unexpected Life

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