An Unforgettable Summer

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An Unforgettable Summer ★★½ 1994

The elegant Marie-Therese Dumitriu (Scott Thomas) has married Army officer Petre (Bleont) and tried to focus on maintaining a serene life, following the Communist takeover of Romania. When Petre is transferred to an isolated border town, he and his family are caught between what the Army demands and what is just. The local Bulgarian peasants are accused of attrocities against the soldiers and Petre is ordered to execute a group of them as an example—guilty or not. Set in 1925 and based on the short story “La Salade” by Petru Dumitriu. English, French, and Romanian with subtitles. 82m/C VHS . RO Kristin Scott Thomas, Claudiu Bleont, Olga Tudorache, George Constantin; D: Lucian Pintilie; W: Lucian Pintilie; C: Calin Ghibu; M: Anton Suteu.