Two Days

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Two Days ★★ 2003

What could be more depressing than being a dejected wannabe actor? Apparently, not much as Paul Miller (Rudd) decides life isn't much worth living if he can't make it there (or, anywhere). In typical Hollywood fashion, he clings to his last 15 minutes (er, 48 hours) of fame by having his final two days put down on film. Will the filmmakers, his family, or his friends try to stop him? While Rudd tries his best to breathe life into it, this unconventional journey and its requisite destination proves too haphazardly constructed for anyone to truly care. 87m/C VHS, DVD . Paul Rudd, Donal Logue, MacKenzie Astin, Adam Scott, Joshua Leonard, Caroline Aaron, Graham Beckel, Marguerite Moreau, Stacey Travis; D: Sean McGinly; W: Sean McGinly; C: Jens Sturup; M: Alan Ari Lazar. VIDEO