Turgeon, Pierre

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TURGEON, Pierre. Canadian, b. 1947?. Genres: Novels. Career: Novelist, editor, and publisher. Editions Quinze, Montreal, Quebec, editor-in-chief; Editions Primeur, Montreal, publisher. Publications: NOVELS: Faire sa mort comme faire l'amour, 1969, trans by D. Lobdell as Sweet Poison in Sweet Poison; Coming Soon: Two Novels, 1983; Un, deux, trois (title means: One, Two, Three), 1970; Prochainement sur cet ecran, 1973, trans by Lobdell as Coming Soon, in Sweet Poison; Coming Soon: Two Novels, 1983; La premiere personne, 1980, trans by Lobdell as The First Person, 1982; Le bateau d'Hitler, 1988; Les torrents de l'espoir (title means: The Torrents of Hope), 1995. OTHER: (with J. Godbout) L'interview (radio play), 1973; La Radissonie: le pays de la Baie James (nonfiction), 1992. Address: c/o Editions du Boreal Express, 4447 Rue St-Denis, Montreal, QC, Canada H2J 2L2.