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Trixie ★★ 2000 (R)

Performances by a fine ensemble cast are mangled almost as badly as the English language in this wandering comedymystery. Trixie (Watson) is a malapropspouting security guard at a resort casino who wants to be a detective. She stumbles onto a murder mystery involving bombastic Senator Avery (Nolte) and decides that if she solves the crime, a career as a detective will surely follow. Many false leads are chased, and the theme that not everyone is as they appear is hammered home time and time again. Among the list of usual suspects are a golddigging barfly (Murphy), a washedup lounge singer (Warren), a twobit ladies man (Mulroney) and an impressionist/singer with a shady past (Lane). 117m/C VHS, DVD . Emily Watson, Nick Nolte, Dermot Mulroney, Nathan Lane, Brittany Murphy, Lesley Ann Warren, Will Patton, Stephen Lang; D: Alan Rudolph; W: Alan Rudolph; C: Jan Kiesser; M: Mark Isham, Roger Neill.

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