Triple Agent

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Triple Agent ★★ 2004

Rohmer enters murky political territory in his moral spy yarn based on a true crime. In 1936, Tsarist sympathizer Fiodor Voronin (Renko) is living in exile in Paris with his Greekborn wife Arsinoe (Didaskalou). His frequent business trips arouse Arsinoe's suspicions, but Fiodor is not having an affair: he's a spy playing the White Russians against the communists and the fascists in a dangerous and increasingly complicated triplecross. French, Russian, and German with subtitles. 115m/C DVD . FR IT GR RU SP Serge Renko, Amanda Langlet, Emmanuel Salinger, Katerina Didaskalou, Cyrielle Clair, Grigori Manoukov; D: Eric Rohmer; W: Eric Rohmer; C: Diane Baratier.