Trefousse, Hans Louis

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TREFOUSSE, Hans Louis. American (born Germany), b. 1921. Genres: History, Biography. Career: Emeritus Distinguished Professor of History, Brooklyn College and Grad Center, City University of New York, 1998- (Instructor, 1950-57; Asst Professor, 1958-61; Assoc Professor, 1962-65; Professor, 1966-86; Distinguished Professor of History, 1986-98). Instructor, Adelphi College, Garden City, New York, 1949-50. Editor, Twayne Series Rulers and Statesmen of the World, 1966-76; Editor, Anvil Series, Krieger Publishing Co., 1994-. Publications: Germany and American Neutrality, 1939-41, 1951; Ben Butler: The South Called Him Beast, 1957; Benjamin Franklin Wade: Radical Republican from Ohio, 1964; The Radical Republicans: Lincoln's Vanguard for Racial Justice, 1969; Reconstruction: America's First Effort at Radical Democracy, 1971; Lincoln's Decision for Emancipation, 1975; Impeachment of a President: Andrew Johnson, the Blacks and Reconstruction, 1975; Carl Schurz: A Biography, 1982; Pearl Harbor: The Continuing Controversy, 1982; Andrew Johnson: A Biography, 1989; Historical Dictionary of Reconstruction, 1991; Thaddeus Stevens: 19th Century Egalitarian, 1997; Rutherford B. Hayes, 2002. EDITOR: What Happened at Pearl Harbor?, 1958; The Cold War, 1965; Background for Radical Reconstruction, 1970; The Causes of the Civil War, 1971; Towards a New Viewpoint of America: Essays in Honor of Arthur C. Cole, 1977; Germany and America: Essays on Problems of International Relations and Immigration, 1980. Address: 22 Shore Acres Rd, Staten Island, NY 10305, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]

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