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Traffik ★★★ 1990

A tense, unnerving look at the international world of heroin smuggling. The British drama follows the lives of three men involved in the drug trade: a farmer in the poppy fields of Pakistan, a drug smuggler in Hamburg, and a Tory cabinet minister who heads his government's antidrug cabinet and then comes to realize his own daughter is an addict. The basis for Steven Soderbergh's muchlauded 2000 film “Traffic.” 360m/C VHS, DVD . GB Lindsay Duncan, Bill Paterson, Jamal Shah, Talat Hussain, Fritz Muller-Scherz, Julia Ormond, Knut Hinz, Feryal Gauhar Shah, Peter Lakenmacher, Vincenzo Benestante; D: Alastair Reid; W: Simon Moore; C: Clive Tickner; M: Tim Souster. TV