Tito and Me

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Tito and Me ★★★ Tito i Ja; Tito and I 1992

Ten-year-old Zoran lives in 1954 Belgrade and is fascinated by Yugoslavian leader Marshall Tito. Crowded into a flat with his extended family, Zoran learns about volatility firsthand. Then there's romance—he has a crush on a classmate who breaks up with him when she is chosen as one of Tito's Young Pioneers, which means a twoweek trip to the country. Political indoctrination means nothing but love—ahh. Debut role for the young Vojnov, who carries the weight of the movie with perfect aplomb. In Serbo-Croation with English subtitles. 104m/C VHS, DVD . YU Dimitrie Vojnov, Lazar Ristovski, Anica Dobra, Miki (Predrag) Manojlovic, Olivera Markovic; D: Goran Markovic; W: Goran Markovic; C: Radoslav Vladic; M: Zoran Simjanovic.