A Time to Love & a Time to Die

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A Time to Love & a Time to Die ★★½ 1958

Lush adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque novel about WWII German soldier who falls in love with a young girl during furlough. The two are married, only to be separated when he is forced to return to the Russian front. Sympathetic treatment of Germans opposed to Hitler's policies. Hutton's first film, credited to his real name, Dana J. Hutton. 133m/C VHS . John Gavin, Lilo (Liselotte) Pulver, Jock Mahoney, Keenan Wynn, Klaus Kinski, Don DeFore, Thayer David, Dieter Borsche, Erich Maria Remarque, Barbara Rutting, Charles Regnier, Dorothea Wieck, Kurt Meisel, Clancy Cooper, John van Dreelen, Dana J. Hutton; D: Douglas Sirk; W: Orin Jannings; C: Russell Metty; M: Miklos Rozsa.

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A Time to Love & a Time to Die

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