The Terrorist

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The Terrorist ★★ Malli 1998

Malli (Dharkar) is a 19-year-old terrorist trained to kill from an early age and to die if necessary. She lives with her fellow militants in a camp and is chosen to kill a politician by detonating a bomb that will be strapped to her waist. But when Malli is forced to wait in the city for her victim, she begins to question her mission and her cause. Inspired by the 1991 assassination of Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi although the film itself never mentions country, group, or politics specifically. 95m/C VHS, DVD . IN Ayesha Dharker; D: Santosh Sivan; W: Santosh Sivan; C: Santosh Sivan; M: Sonu Sisupal.

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The Terrorist

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