Ten 'Til Noon

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Ten 'Til Noon ★★ 2006 (R)

Low-budget but ingenious thriller that shows a ten-minute period (11:50 to noon) from several different viewpoints. Tech tycoon Larry Taylor (Wasserman) is rudely awakened by hitman Mr. Jay (Freeman) and his associate (Lano), who announce his murder. Maybe his unfaithful wife (Guest) has something to do with it, maybe it's the ruthless Mr. Duke (Kopache), or maybe someone else is pulling the strings. 88m/C DVD . Jenya Lano, Dylan Kussman, Thomas Kopache, Daniel Nathan Spector, Rick D. Wasserman, Alfonso Freeman, Rayne Guest, Jason Hamer, Daniel Hagen, George Williams; D: Scott Storm; W: Paul Osborne; C: Alice Brooks; M: Joe Kraemer.