Ten Benny

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Ten Benny ★★ Nothing to Lose 1998 (R)

Frustrated New Jersey shoe salesman Ray (Brody) borrows $10,000 from a local wiseguy in order to win enough money at the track to set himself up in business. Bad idea. As his luck continues a downward spiral, he abuses his wife (Temchen) into the arms of his buddy (Gallagher) and becomes more desparate to climb out of the hole he's dug for himself. First-time director Bross has obviously studied the Scorsese school of filmmaking, but must've skipped the classes on originality,subtlety, and characterization. Not much going on here that hasn't been done (better) somewhere else, but Brody turns in a fine performance. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Adrien Brody, Sybil Temchen, Michael Gallagher, Tony Gillan, James Moriarty, Frank Vincent; D: Eric Bross; W: Eric Bross, Tom Cudworth; C: Horacio Marquinez; M: Chris Hajian.