Tall Story

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Tall Story ★★ 1960

Perkins is a star basketball player who must pass a crucial test in order to continue to play the game. In addition to the pressure of the exam, he is being pressured by gamblers to throw a game against the Russians. Fonda makes her screen debut as a cheerleader who is so awe-struck by Perkins that she takes the same classes just to be close to him. Based on the play by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, and the novel “The Homecoming Game” by Howard Nemerov. 91m/C VHS . Anthony Perkins, Jane Fonda, Ray Walston, Marc Connelly, Anne Jackson, Tom Laughlin, Gary Lockwood, Elizabeth Patterson, Barbara Darrow; D: Joshua Logan; W: Julius J. Epstein; C: Ellsworth Fredericks; M: Cyril Mockridge.